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Issues on-line

Back issues of Emerald City are available on line in a number of formats. Anyone should be able to access the HTML format which simply links to other pages on this site. Printable versions of each issue are available from individual issue pages. If you have Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word and would prefer something with better formatting and easier to print, select one of those columns instead. You have a choice of issues formatted for either A4 or US paper sizes.

Issue Contents HTML A4 US
1 Intersection report
2 ArCon
3 Jeff Noon and BasiCon
4 A trip to South Africa
5 I fall in love with San Francisco
6 The Pacific NorthWest
7 The Melbourne Grand Prix
8 The Australian NatCon
9 Parliament of Dreams
10 Nanotechnology special
11 The Australian Costumers' Ball
12 Aussie authors special
13 L.A.Con III
14 Back home to winter
15 First Contact premiere
16 Christmas parties
17 Cyberpunk special
18 Aussie authors and Boskone
19 Potlatch 6
20 Job hunting
21 David Brin's Uplift books
22 Leaving Australia
23 Arriving in California
24 More Aussie authors
25 LoneStarCon 2
26 More globe-trotting
27 The Mars Trilogy
28 War in space special
29 Potlatch 7
30 Sparrows & wolves, God & Goddess
31 Corflu UK
32 Eastercon
33 Earthquake Weather
34 Three weeks, four countries, five conventions
35 Tad Williams and Westercon
36 A Piractical Worldcon
37 Trots in Space
38 Albacon and Masque
39 Farewell Ian Gunn
40 Silicon and SMOFcon
41 Neil Gaiman's new novel
42 Tom Arden and Philip Pullman
43 Bernard Cornwell's Arthur Trilogy
44 Eastercon in Liverpool
45 Elizabeth Hand and Sheri Tepper
46 Vernor Vinge and Neal Stephenson
47 Westercon and The Holdfast Chronicles
48 Australian SF special
49 Aussiecon Three and Conucopia
50 Kim Newman & William Gibson
51 McHugh, McArthur and Thomson
52 Tom Arden and Kim Newman
53 Fantasies, Utopias and Gormenghast
54 Hugo contenders and Galaxy Quest
55 Gene Wolfe and lots of ladies
56 British writers
57 Charles De Lint, Jeff Noon and Harry Potter
58 Wiscon, Baycon, Ryman and Kay
59 The eBook Industry
60 Lexicon and Karen Armstrong
61 Chicon 2000
62 Wolfe & Stableford
63 Philip Pullman and many other British writers
64 Ken MacLeod and John Meaney
65 Perdido Street Station
66 Rob Holdstock and Jeff Noon
67 Wolfe, Simmons, Tepper and Haldeman
68 Eastercon, Print on Demand and Tad Williams
69 The Clarke Award, Clute, Reynolds and Byrne
70 Gaiman, Grimwood and Goonan
71 2001: A Celebration of British SF
72 Grimwood, Ryman and other British-based writers
73 The Millennium Philcon
74 McMullen, McHugh, LeGuin, Constantine
75 Bradbury, Murphy, Powers, Wilson, Dorsey
76 Best of British
77 The Lord of the Rings movie
78 Connie Willis, Dick Award nominees
79 The new China Miéville novel
80 Eastercon
81 Clarke Award
82 Wiscon
83 Westercon
84 Reynolds, Jones & Gaiman
85 ConJosé
86 M. John Harrison
87 World Fantasy Con
88 MacLeod and sundry squid
89 McMullen, Noon and Haldeman
90 Last Round-Up of 2002
91 ICFA and William Gibson
92 Eastercon, Robson and Morgan
93 Wiscon, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Tad Williams
94 Dan Simmons and Ian R. MacLeod
95 Westercon and Australian writers
96 Canadian SF Special
97 Torcon 3
98 Fooslcap, World Fantasy nominees
99 Hopkinson, Reynolds & Gentle
100 Celebratory 100th Birthday issue
101 Best of 2003, Heinlein resurrected
102 Richard Morgan, Kim Stanley Robinson
103 ICFA, Steph Swainston, Guy Gavriel Kay, Ken MacLeod and Paul McAuley
104 Eastercon, Neal Stephenson, Clarke Nominees
105 Clarke Award, Ian McDonald, Matt Ruff, David Mitchell
106 Wiscon, Miéville, Stross
107 Finncon, Locus Poll, Liz Hand
108 Postcolonial SF, Niven, Sawyer and Modesitt
109 Noreascon 4
110 Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Neal Stephenson
111 World Fantasy Con, Geoff Ryman, Gene Wolfe and Tad Williams
112 Peter Straub, Gwyneth Jones, Storm Constantine
113 Best of 2004, Graham Joyce, Al Reynolds, Charlie Stross
114 Ian MacLeod, Richard Morgan, Steven Erikson, Karen Traviss
115 ICFA, Hugo Nominees, Robert Charles Wilson
116 Eastercon, Steph Swainston
117 Dan Simmons, Gwyneth Jones, Charlie Stross
118 John Crowley, Jeffrey Ford, Tricia Sullivan
119 Lots of Scottish writers
120 Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Interaction
121 Justina Robson, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Joe Haldeman, Serenity
122 George R.R. Martin, Karen Traviss, Kim Stanley Robinson, Joe Hill
123 L.E. Modesitt, Steven Erikson, Maurice G. Dantec, Tim Powers
124 Matthew Cheney, Naomi Novik, Al Reynolds, Margo Lanagan
125 Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams, Tobias S. Buckell, Keith Brooke
126 Gary K. Wolfe, Daniel Abraham, Tim Pratt, Trudi Canavan
127 Articles by Karen Traviss, Farah Mendlesohn, R. Scott Bakker; Reviews of Sean Williams, Graham Joyce, Geoff Ryman, Liz Williams, Chaz Brenchley; Interview with Marc Gascoigne
128 Article by Hal Duncan; Reviews of Barth Anderson, David Keck, Naomi Novik, Kazuo Ishiguro, V for Vendetta
129 Article by Juliet E. McKenna; Reviews of Kim Newman, Vernor Vinge, R. Scott Bakker, Naomi Novik, David Marusek
130 John Shirley talks to Tim Powers and reviews his new novel; Reviews of Ray Manzarek, Greg Keyes, Holly Phillips and Justina Robson
131 Debbie Notkin talks about award juries; Cheryl talks about being bribed; Reviews of Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Liz Williams, Alan Campbell, Charlie Stross, Gwyneth Jones, Ellen Kushner
132 An important announcement; Reviews of Karen Traviss, Paul Park, Margaret Atwood and Joe Abercrombie. The Tiptree biography.
133 Haruki Murakami, Jan Morris, Mark Budz, Brian Ruckley; plus L.A.Con IV and Finncon 2006
134 Gene Wolfe, Jay Lake, Susanna Clarke, John Shirley, Zoran Zivkovic

Special Issues

Issue Contents HTML A4 US
S1 Wiscon 24 Special: Ken McLeod
S2 ConJosé Special: Cheryl's Guide to San José
S3 ConJosé Special: The Bay Area Collection
S4 Wiscon 27 Special: Who is China Miéville?
S5 Color-cover version of #100  
S6 Interaction Special: Guide to Glasgow

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