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The Web Rings page gives you access to a load of other sites devoted to science fiction and fantasy. This page contains my select recommendations from the many sites I have found on the web. Some of them are not in rings, or are rings that Emerald City does not belong in. Note that links to author sites can be found in the book review archive. Go browse, and enjoy!

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Now a couple of good news sites:

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Literary sites

Some literary stuff:

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These are professional or semi-professional magazines available on the web, or web sites of paper magazines:

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The following publishers produce a lot of SF and fantasy books:

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The following are paper magazines and comics:

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The following are radio and TV stations:

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Digital books

Prefer to get your books on disk rather than paper? Try these sites:

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Buying books

If you want to buy books, there are all the usual places, and some specialist sites. In the US, try:

And especially for all my friends in the San Francisco Bay Area:

In the UK there are:

And in Australia:

Slow Glass (excellent Melbourne bookshop)

If you are looking for something very rare or unusual, this is the place to go...



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Clubs and Organisations

And here are a few groups I'd like to make special mention of:

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Good Causes

Not everyone in the book business is trying to sell you something:

  • Reading for the Future - an organisation that seeks to encourage kids to read, and take an interest in science, through SF. Only their Utah branch seems to have a web site.

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And finally some of my fellow scribblers:

  • Plokta - superbly funny
  • Ansible - has won more Hugos than anyone else's wildest dreams
  • Bento - small, neat, precise
  • File 770 - the best source of US fannish news
  • Scifidimensions - a web-only fanzine
  • eFanzines - a central registry of SF fanzines and their web sites
  • And finally, Kittywompus - a good place to find fanzine reviews



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