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Art by Frank Wu


FinConn: Tourism

The images here are reduced size and clarity thumbnails so as to allow the page to load quickly. To see a full version of any image, just click on it.

Overview - Looking down on Jyväskylä from the Observation Tower.


Landmark - It took a while, but I finally found a ski jump.


Russian Tech - John Clute tries to get to grips with Irma's Lada.


Beautiful Design - Finnish buildings always seem to look good. This is a small tourist attraction called Kamana in the town of Keuruu. It contains an art museum, the local tourist office and a nice restaurant where Irma and I stopped for a coffee on our way to Tampere.


Windmill - No, it is not for electricity generation, nor for grinding wheat. This windmill was originally designed for raising water from a well.


Train - Well I couldn't go all that way to Finland without finding some trains to photograph for Kevin, could I?


Train Inards - A nice idea, having the boiler open for kids to see how a steam engine works.


Boys of All Ages - Sadly this is an American toy. It says Rio Grande Railway.


More Finland Photos



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