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Issue #123 - November 2005

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Out of Synch

By Cheryl Morgan

December looks like being a pretty quiet month for book releases, which is just as well as I desperately need some time to catch up on the vast pile of books awaiting review. In terms of US releases of UK books, there are only two in the Locus lists, neither of which I have reviewed. The first is Del Rey’s edition of Transcendent, the second book in Stephen Baxter’s Destiny’s Children series, which I didn’t review because I was so disappointed by the first volume, Coalescent. The other is the Night Shade edition of Steven Erikson’s Blood Follows, first issued by PS Publishing. I have a review copy of that and will be covering it next issue.

I have, however, been sent one reprint that is worth mentioning. Black Library has produced an omnibus edition of Kim Newman’s Genevieve stories, published under the pen name of Jack Yeovil. The Vampire Genevieve contains all three Genevieve novels: Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead and Beasts in Velvet, plus the short story collection, Silver Nails. I know these are Warhammer tie-in novels, but when it comes to vampire stories Kim Newman is easily one of the best. If you like vampires, and you haven’t read these books yet, then you really should get this omnibus edition. You won’t be disappointed.

The Vampire Genevieve - Jack Yeovil (Kim Newman) - Black Library - mass-market paperback

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The Vampire Genevieve - Jack Yeovil (Kim Newman) - Black Library

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